SCI(E) Journals

Accepted Papers

MJ Park, OM Kwon, JH Ryu, “Generalized integral inequality: Application to time-delay systems”, Applied Mathematics Letters.

MJ Park, SH Lee, OM Kwon, A Seuret, “Closeness-centrality based Synchronization Criteria for Complex Dynamical Networks with Interval Time-varying Coupling Delays”, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.

OM Kwon, MJ Park, “Improved results on stability and stabilization criteria for uncertain linear systems with time-varying delays”, International Journal of Computer Mathematics.

2017 Published Papers

59. SH Lee, MJ Park, OM Kwon, R Sakthivel, “Advanced sampled-data synchronization control for complex dynamical networks with coupling time-varying delays”, Information Sciences 420 (Dec. 2017) 454-465.

58. MJ Park, SH Lee, OM Kwon, JH Park, SG Choi, “Betweenness Centrality based Consensus Protocol for Second-order Multi-agent Systems with Sampled-data”, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 47(8) (Aug. 2017) 2067-2078.

57. MJ Park, OM Kwon, A Seuret, “Weighted Consensus Protocols Design based on Network Centrality for Multi-agent Systems with Sampled-data”, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 62(6) (Jun. 2017) 2916-2922.

56. SH Lee, MJ Park, OM Kwon, “Reliable control for linear systems with time-varying delays and parameter uncertainties”, International Journal of Computer Mathematics 94(7) (Jul. 2017) 1412-1429.

55. SH Lee, MJ Park, OM Kwon, R Sakthivel, “Synchronization of Lur’e systems via stochastic reliable sampled-data controller”, Journal of the Franklin Institute 354 (Mar. 2017) 2437-2460.

54. MJ Park, OM Kwon, “Stability and Stabilization of Discrete-Time T-S Fuzzy Systems with Time-Varying Delay via Cauchy-Schwartz-Based Summation Inequality”, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 25(1) (Feb. 2017) 128-140.

53. MJ Park, OM Kwon, SG Choi, “Stability Analysis of Discrete-time Switched Systems with Time-Varying Delays via A New Summation Inequality”, Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems 23 (Feb. 2017) 76-90.

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